Namibia Road Trip (continued...)

Lüderitz, Namibia. Monday 9th March.
Well we got back to Gráinne and she's still floating. Tao 8 were here to wave a welcome – they're now moored just off our stern having arrived from Cape Town while we were away. It's kindof nice to be back, Lüderitz is feeling a bit like home. There's a new big ship in that's just starting to load lots of something or other this morning. It looks like we'll have a weather window to leave on Thursday or Friday (the 13th!) this week so the next few days will be back to busy preparations.
Now I'll bore you with the rest of our brilliant Namibia trip, there's absolutely no sailing in this bit, just a shameless collection of holiday photos. You have been warned. Namibia has been really gorgeous. It's a big country by area but with only about 2.5 million population and most of them in the far north. We've passed through mainly very small rural villages and very large agricultural properties. And the occasional half…

Cape Town to Lüderitz, Namibia. (Plus a hint of the Kalahari)

Kalahari Bush Breaks lodge (30km west of the Botswana border, about 300km east of Windhoek), Namibia. Sunday 1st March, first day of Autumn.
We are exploring Namibia! We got ourselves a bakkie and we hit the road. This morning we had a drive and saw 3 types of antelope (waterbuck, impala and springbok), some zebra, some ostrich, ground squirrels and lots of enormous beetles. This afternoon we went for a walk, got lost and saw lots of flies. Lots of flies. Now we're just chillin' in one of the most (if not the most) expensive rooms we've ever splurged on in our lives.

So we've been in Namibia a week now after sailing from Cape Town to Lüderitz. We had a lovely week or so in Cape Town, explored some of the suburbs (Salt River and Woodstock – a very Sydney/Melbourne old suburb vibe) that we missed the first time around, revisited our old haunts (mainly the Waterfront), walked the bit of coastline we missed the first time and generally enjoyed being back but having Gráin…