Grenada - Gold Coast: La Longue Route

Sunday 23rd August, West Yorkshire, UK.Yorkshire. Weren’t expecting that, were you? Nope. Me neither. Where does this fit into the grand Grenada-Barbados-Brisbane plan? Well....... Not Brisbane
I packed up and left GrĂ¡inne, Karl and Grenada behind. Nothing fun about that but at least it went smoothly, the airport was deserted and the plane with all 10 of its passengers took off an hour early.

Arriving at the very large, modern and completely empty airport in Barbados was very strange but, again, all went smoothly with no PCR required and my driver waiting to take me to the hotel where my room was just fancy enough to distract me temporarily from feeling sad and miserable and lonely. This was my “Covid Special” arrival hotel where I could have been tested if required so I indulged in a couple of nights of the luxury resort experience before moving on to something a little more modest.

Barbados was lovely. Beautiful island and very friendly locals. Gorgeous beaches. Flatter and more develop…

Grenada Dramas

Friday 31st July, Port Louis Marina, St. George's, Grenada.Well now just because we haven't been crossing oceans in the last few weeks doesn't mean there hasn't been any excitement. Talk about ups and downs, it's enough to make you want to flee back to sea where life is simple.
So the first spanner in the works what shall we call it...a “technical issue” with Karl's PCR test meaning we might be stuck in quarantine for an indefinite period and I was in danger of missing my flight back to Australia. We decided this was worth going into battle over and after a brief but concentrated campaign Karl was allowed to repeat the test. Meanwhile we enjoyed the lovely quarantine anchorage, caught up on sleep and tried (with only moderate success) to let the fact sink in that we we'd made it all the way to the Caribbean. 
Then, just when there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel, another blow. The reopening of the airport was postponed and my flight wa…