Christmas in Durban (plus tourism to Lesotho and Western Cape)

Counting down to Christmas in Durban. Decorations have appeared (far too early as always) and work Christmas parties are in full swing. School holidays have started and the hoards are descending on the beach. Meanwhile we've been settling into Durban life, working on the boat and have had ourselves a little holiday in the Western Cape and a day trip to the Kingdom of Lesotho.
Durban is properly The Big Smoke for the first time since Brissie. Population of about 5 million, the second busiest port in Africa, a marina sandwiched between the CBD and the port with a long stretch of coastline (with esplanade and surf breaks) about a kilometre away. 

In a lot of ways it's just like Brisbane: relatively small, subtropical city with beaches close by. Locals say about twenty or thirty years ago it was just like Brisbane but there's been a lot of changes in South Africa since then and Durban certainly has a completely different vibe now. Downtown Durban is a bit run-down, busy, crow…

Richards Bay to Durban (including Safari!)

Monday November 11th, Durban, South Africa.
Oh my but this is a grey, soggy, miserable day. On a scale of 1 – 10 of Irishness (where that's not a good thing) this is a 10. Karl has even broken out the Guinness slippers. On the other hand, on a scale of 1 – 10 of good first impressions Durban scores a 9.9 (0.1 deducted for the Irish weather). 
Seeking shelter at the yacht club.
We arrived here yesterday after a “quick overnight hop” down from Richards Bay. Now, I can't say that the trip was unpleasant in any way it's just that there was nothing pleasant about it at all. Overcast skies, not much wind at first, wind from not quite the right direction all the time, had to put the pole out, then had to gybe and take the pole back in (I'm too old to be working the foredeck, sliding around on a wet deck getting soaked in spray) and then the wind picks up just as we're trying to get into port [Karl says: Also chased by a lightning storm and then woken up to dodge another].…