Sunday 20 th March, Sainte Anne, Martinique. We are currently luxuriating in the lovely anchorage off the village of Sainte Anne in southeast Martinique (a French island, oui oui oui, so a little slice of the EU in the Caribbean). In the huge, shallow bay there's loads of room for the loads of boats that are attracted to this very pleasant little corner of the world. You can even hear churchbells ringing ashore. When you do get ashore you walk straight off the dinghy dock into a cute little square with a pretty little church. It's a delightful little French Caribbean village. And that's even before we get into the baguettes, the amazing cheese and the good wine! We've been here just over a week now and it looks like we'll be here longer than planned thanks to a wee issue with our toilet plumbing. But there are worse places to be stranded. View of a pretty full dinghy dock from a local bar. We had quite the lively day sail up from St. Lucia: 20 to 25 knots of wi

St. Lucia (with a side trip to Ireland)

Tuesday 8 th March (International Women's Day), Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Anchored in Rodney Bay at the northwest tip of St. Lucia, a lovely big shallow anchorage just perfect for storing a fleet of ships which is exactly what the British did in the late 18 th century. Then they climbed a hill on Pigeon Island and built a fort from where they could keep an eye on their French enemies just across the channel in Martinique. As Caribbean islands tended to, do this one got batted back and forth between the British and French before eventually ending up British. And now independent. View of Rodney Bay from Fort Rodney Spot GrĂ¡inne at anchor Photographer Karl explores the fort We're just coming to the end of our time in St. Lucia and plan to sail up to Martinique in the next couple of days to start a period of indulgence in French cheese and wine. We've had a pretty low key sort of time here, taking the opportunity to take a trip back to Ireland and to get some work done on the b