Stranded in Just Another Paradise

Sunday 29th November, anchored off Hillsborough, Carriacou, Grenada. It's a grey, showery morning. A perfect day to stop procrastinating and attempt my first man-blog since my last traumatic attempt in Uruguay many the year past. So, to recap, Little Wifey is merrily earning away in Australia, no doubt whistling as she works, while I have to suffer the hardship of the abandoned widower. Although admittedly I'm not scraping through an 18th century Nantucket winter... L ittle Wifey on a big hair day just before departure Well, Kara left and had her own adventure getting home. Saying goodbye at the airport was one of the least fun experiences I've had. She wasn't too worried for me though, she knew the boat was well stocked with chocolate. For my part, I was worried I might turn into a sausage. Th e first of way too many dinners based around the humble sausage Left in the capable hands of marina neighbours. Although Sue on Swan next door promised Kara she'd "be