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Darwin (including Natural Disaster 2: Earthquake)

Darwin (including Natural Disaster 2: Earthquake)

After the excitement of arrival we spent a couple of days anchored at Fannie Bay just enjoying doing absolutely nothing, not moving, not being on watch, admiring the scenery and those fabulous, smokey, red NT sunsets. We arranged to head into the Marina at Cullen Bay on Tuesday morning which meant entering through a lock – our first ever (apart from, as Karl answered when asked by the lockmaster, the Panama Canal – where we had the luxury of being passengers and not responsible for anything at all) so a little anxious anticipation involved. The tidal ranges here are about 7m (difference between high and low tides, compared to about 1.5m in Mooloolaba) so at low tide there's not a lot of water to float in. The Marinas get around this by keeping the depth artificially high by using locks. Otherwise we'd all be aground at the marina at low tide. Not a good look.
We got up on the morning of the move, listened to ABC Radio National …